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Graduation Day Guidelines

Dear Parents and Guardians of Senior Students,

 The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a change to our graduation ceremony. In the past, people were able to arrive early and place blankets, cardboard, towels or butcher paper on the bleachers to save seats for the evening’s ceremony.

 Due to the large number of families that work on the day of graduation and cannot get to the stadium early to reserve seats, we will not allow people to arrive before 4:00 pm on June 8th(the day of the ceremony).  The stadium will be closed and supervised by our campus supervisors.

 If you come before 4:00 pm and place blankets, towels, cardboard, butcher paper or other seat-saving articles on the bleachers, they will be removed.  These items can be picked up after the ceremony in the lost and found area located by the weight room.

 The gates to the stadium will be opened at 4:00 pm.  At that time, you will be able to enter the stadium and go to your seats.  Those who arrive at 4:00 pm can save seats as long as they are physically present to reserve those seats.  One person can only save seating for themself and 3 others.

 There will be open seating in the stadium bleachers as well as in the folding chairs on the field behind the graduates.  There will be no sitting or standing on the track or in the area that separates the graduates, staff and the band from family, friends and guests.

 Guests that require assistance or who are disabled should contact LHS Student Services at (925) 606-4812 ext. 2301 to reserve a seat on the field for themselves and one person.

 This will be a truly great evening, and we want everyone to enjoy the festivities.


Darrel Avilla, Principal