Livermore High School

Academic Counselor’s Home Page



The Livermore Academic Guidance Counselors offer and support services that cover the three domains of the National School Counseling Standards:
·        Academic scheduling
·        Support students along their academic tract
·        Monitor and provide intervention for classroom success
·        Meet to discuss academic progress and fulfillment of graduation requirements, testing, personal academic goals
·        Perform classroom presentations to discuss 4-year plans and assist students in tracking their progress and reaching their high school goals.
·        Monitor CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) results
·        Ensure that the students are adequately supported in areas impacting their overall well being
·        Available for short term one-on-one counseling and crisis intervention as needed including referral to outside resources.
·        Work with Vice Principals to help students adapt and be successful in the high school community.
·        Help students develop life skills for high school and beyond (organization, test-taking tips, time management, study tips, healthy coping skills, etc)
·        Offer workshops to assist students prepare for their future such as test preparation and college application preparation.
·        Collaborate with the Career Center in assisting students in setting and implementing personal goals for life after high school

By law, most of what students share with their guidance counselor is protected by confidentiality.  However, there are a few exceptions to this rule which usually pertains to student or school safety.  Below are examples of information that is NOT confidential.

  1. Academics
  2. Harm to self
  3. Harm to others (threats to others’ safety)
  4. Others’ harming students (neglect, physical or sexual abuse or assault, etc.)
  5. Violations on school property (stealing, using or distributing drugs/weapons, harm to school property/vandalism,  etc.)

If you are ever unsure about what is considered confidential, please ask your counselor to review the limits of confidentiality and answer any questions you have.  As counselors, our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to share, while at the same time, ensuring both student and school safety.