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Every 15 Minutes

May 2012

 Dear Livermore High School Community,

 On Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd we will be presenting the national "Every 15 Minutes Program" to our school community. This program includes a powerful role- play and assembly dramatizing the potentially devastating effects of using substances and driving under the influence.

Activities on Tuesday, May 22nd include "fatally injured" students being removed from classes every 15 minutes and obituary notices being read. All 11thand 12thgrade students will also attend a staged car crash scene on the Stadium Field; and on Wednesday, May 23rd, the students will attend a "Memorial Assembly" in the large gym with videotaped scenes from the previous day including the hospitals and the jail. All events are being carefully planned and orchestrated by a remarkable collaboration of school and community members whose goal is to help keep our children safe.

 Because this is a highly emotional program we will have support services available for both staff and students. There will be Emergency, Counseling, and Medical Personnel attending all the events on campus.

Students and staff may receive help in the Counseling Office, at the crash scene, and at the assembly. Since this is an emotional program, we encourage you and your family to discuss alcohol and substance use. Included are some questions and resources you may want to use during your conversations. It is our hope that through this program we will save lives.

 Go to< resources regarding this subject. We hope this will be a good time for you to dialogue with your child about underage alcohol, drug use, safe driving and drinking and driving issues.

 Some open-ended questions that might help start a dialogue are:

* I heard a little bit about "Every 15 Minutes." Why don't you tell me more?

* What were the things that affected you most / were most interesting?

* What things had the biggest impact on the school / on your friends / on you?

* What was the high point / low point for the school / for your friends / for you?

* Talk about a close call you've had in the past and how to avoid such situations, or discuss different current events that relate.

* Play "What if": What if this happened to you, who would it, affect and how? What if your driver was drunk? What if your friend passes out? What if someone tries to take advantage of you when you've been drinking? (What would you do?)

* Express your expectations as well as the law with regard to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

* Discuss the negative effects with regard to the use of alcohol and other drugs.

* Discuss the negative effects of alcohol use in addition to car crashes, i.e. poor decisions, loss of inhibition, risky behavior, blood alcohol poisoning, violence, sexual assault, impaired relationships, difficulty in school, trouble with parents or the police, etc.

* Ask why do students feel the need to drink and do drugs?

 The staff at Livermore High appreciates the support and encouragement that comes from the families in our community every day.

Posted by: Jeanne Holzschuh Published:5/22/12
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