Livermore High School

Anne Marie DeBoever

Expectations / Rules/Grades




Dear Students and Parents,


           My name is Mrs. De Boever and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my math class. I am very excited to teach this trimester  Algebra One classes . I hope that you will find your class interesting, challenging, fun and worthwhile. I will encourage you to talk to me anytime for direct assistance. Do not hesitate to come for extra help whenever you need help, without appointment, during any lunch. If you cannot come during lunch, I am often available after the fifth period but only on appointment.

          I know that you will  come to class on time with a positive attitude and try your hardest daily but if you are tardy, or if you need to go to the bathroom during class time, I would like that you stay in class five minutes at the end of the period to catch up the time missed other wise I will not be able to give full credit for class participation because you missed some activities.

          Please, be mature enough to ask for help when needed, and be able to question mistakes until understanding is accomplished. Recognizing when help is needed is important. Failure to ask for help right away during class usually results in great difficulties in catching up. 

          As with anything worth doing well, taking time every day to memorize formulas/vocabulary/properties… and to practice (doing seriously class work and homework) will make a big difference in your success.  Homework is assigned on a daily basis. I will post your daily homework in the classroom and on schoolloop.

 If for any reason your assignment is incomplete, write on your assignment the numbers you did not do and why you did not complete it. A question mark symbol needs to be near each data of the problem that you did not understand and you need also to write these numbers on a little piece of paper that you are expected to put in the "homework questions" box at the very beginning of your period such that I am informed right away on the problems you need help. I will do on the board the homework corrections of the problems asked by at least 4 students. Every student is expected do the daily warm up ,and  homework corrections and the class work in their notebook. They are part of your class work points. Know that I can collect your notebook at the end of each chapter the to grade it .

If a student has  consecutive missing assignments, she/he may receive 10 minutes lunch detention to work on some missing assignments.

         The class begins with warm-up problems that are a constant review of every thing you have learned in math. They will prepare you for your quiz/test/final and official tests like the CASHEE test, STAR test, the SBAC test . After each chapter, your notebook will often be collected to be graded as class work . All warm up problems have to be dated, and complete correctly following rubric. You are expected to ask for help in class if needed when you are doing them. You may have any time a pop quiz covering the subject of the warm-up problems and/or homework of the day. So it is important to do your warm up and homework  seriously. Don't pass any problems; check all answers in the back of the book and ask for help when needed.

          Attendance is very important. Missed classes are hard to make up. You are responsible for finding out about missed warm-up, quizzes/tests, or assignments. On absent day, the homework will be graded as replacement of class work. You are expected to take the makeup quiz/test (during lunch or after your last period) on your first day back at school. If your excused absences last more than one day, you will have the time proportional to the time absent to make up the material missed before taking the test. If you have an unexcused absence, your class participation point will stay zero and you will have zero  on  test/quiz, if we had one the day of your absence. If you have an excused  absence the day of a quiz/test, a zero with the comment "absent , make up has to be done” will be recorded directly on schoolloop. The zero will disappear if you did the make up by the due date.

         You should take good notes. Have a graph paper notebook just for math, no multiple subject notebooks and a binder to keep any papers that I will give you. I will often collect your notebook at the end of each chapter to grade it ( 20 points per day)for class work points.

            Please note that enlisting the help of another in any way on a quiz/test or any other assessment, or using notes, text, test or other written or recorded material that has not been allowed, is considered cheating. Student handbook guidelines will be followed. If a student has a cell phone in hand or on his/her knees or on his/her desk during any kind of activity /class work/quiz/test...), the cell phone will be taken away and returned to the student at the end of the period and the student will get a zero on the activity/class work/quiz/test.

During any tests/ quizzes/ assessment, if you do communicate in any way with another student, you will have a zero. Do not ask for a paper, a pencil, etc just raise your hand and I will see what I can do for you. If this kind of incident occurs, I wish you would come in my room after school to talk to me about the issue.


GRADES For Algebra One :


Your trimester grade is determined mainly from tests and quizzes and final .

-% of total grade coming from  Homework= none. Homework will not be graded but recorded as well complete or not. Although homework are not graded they are a BIG key to your overall success in class and the privilege to retake a quiz and test is offered to students who do seriously their homework and turn it every day ,have no missing assignments and respect expectations and rules of the class. You can go to the” homework help" of your book web site to get help for your homework. 

 Homework is not accepted late unless a parent signs and writes on the late homework the following note: "Please accept my son/daughter late homework ". Doing that the parent informs me that he/she is aware that this homework was turned late.  All Homework has to be done only on graph paper. When a student is absent , his /her homework will be grade as class work.

It is your responsibility to do a complete self-correction of your homework . Homework will not be returned to the students.

You can go to the” homework help" of your book web site to get help for your homework.

-30% of total grade comes from class work and projects= assignments that are not quiz or test

Each daily class work is for 30  points:   warm up problems, homework corrections and class work problems, ten points of these will come from good participation and behavior. Daily warm up  and correction of homework and class work problems  have to be  all done and well specified ( date, title, pg, #..) in your notebook. 

- 20% of total grade comes from quizzes=

Some quizzes will not be announced and will cover the warm up problems of the day and/or the homework problems due that day. Some quizzes will be announced and will cover multiple sections. The privilege to retake quiz privilege will be offered to students who do seriously all their homework and respect expectations and rules of the class..

-35% of total grade comes from Tests.

Chapter Tests are always announced and are done at the end of each chapter. The privilege to retake a chapter test  is  offered if the student doesn't have missing homework concerning the chapter. This privilege will not be given to student who does not respect rules and expectations. But the privilege to retake any test will be offered to ANY student that goes get extra help to the peer tutoring offered after the fifth period on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

-15% of your Trimester grade comes from your final Exam.


Your tests/quizzes show that you do or do not master the material. The quizzes and the tests will be returned to the students as soon as they are corrected and posted on schoolloop.


All students are expected to do all daily warm-up, class work, group and partner work, board work, notes taking, and homework .,, They are essential to the learning process and will  prepare you for the quizzes/ tests/final. It is the student's responsibility to do a complete self-correction of  warm-up , class work... 


In addition to my "open door tutoring during any lunch" there is also free tutoring on Wednesday nights in the school library from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is also a "peer tutoring " offered in room S9 by AP Calculus students every Tuesday and Thursday after the fifth period.  Student that want the opportunity to retake any test after need first to get extra help going to the peer tutoring.


To have full credit on any assignment, you need to follow the rubric all the time.


  Progress reports are very conservative and show the average score from tests, quizzes, and homework and class participation.

 Scores scale minimum: 

 A+ = 97%, A = 93%, A- = 90%,

 B+ = 87%, B = 83%, B- = 80%,

 C+ = 77%, C = 73%, C- = 70%,

 D+ = 67%, D = 63%, D- = 60%,

Below 60% F.


 As a good class participant, in addition to the school rules you should respect  the rules below:

 -Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings: put your homework directly on your desk, ready to be collected, inform me which problems you did not understand by putting these numbers in the "homework questions" box and do the warm up. You will be considered tardy if you are not in your assigned seat, quiet, and ready to start the class activities when the bell rings. This is a math class, if you do something not related to the class work assigned, it will be taken away and you will receive a detention and you loose class work points.

  -Follow direction: complete student organizer, read examples, take good notes in your notebook during lectures and do assigned problems. 

 -ALWAYS SHOW YOUR WORK. Just the answers are never acceptable. Not showing the complete work=no credit/no points.

 -Calculators are allowed and used but are only for difficult calculations and /or graphs because students are required to perform lots of calculations and graph without calculator.

 -Each assignment should be legible, neat and properly labeled as seen below: Name, Date, Period, Page #, Question #, show data, always show work, circle final answers.

  -No Homework may be done in class, unless all class work is finished, and checked by the teacher, and only if I give you the authorization to do it. If you do your homework during class time without authorization you will a zero for the class work of that day and a lunch detention.

  -Pencil is to be used all the times. No erasable pen is allowed. 

  -Come to class with all materials: 2 pencils, notebook, graph - paper, homework , scientific calculator when we will do difficult word problems.

 -Help to create a good learning environment. Raise your hand and let me call on you when you have a question or something relevant to say. Work without interruption until the conclusion of class.

 -By respectful to the teacher and all other students. Socializing or disrupting the class will not be tolerated. 

- I will appreciate if you don’t keep a hat of any kind on your head in my classroom.

 -Students are expected to use the restroom and get drinks or food before school, during passing periods, or at lunch. They are not to use class time for this but If you need to use the bathroom during class time, please stay in the classroom for five minutes at the end of the same period to catch up the class time you lost when you were at the bathroom. If you do not stay for five minutes at the end of that period you will loose class work points and you will loose the privilege to go to the bathroom during class time.

  -All Walkman/ I Pod, all cell phones should be completely OFF and not visible in class.

This also means that no cell phone can be charged in my room. 


 I will confiscate them immediately until the end of the period. Also if a student uses his/her cell phone during class time he/she will get a zero for the assignment. AND IF A STUDENT HAS A CELL PHONE IN HAND OR ON HIS/HER KNEE OR ON HIS/HER DESK DURING ANY KIND OF ASSESSEMENT (QUIZ/TEST/FINAL) TIME, HE/SHE WILL GET A ZERO ON THE ASSESSEMENT 

  -No drink/food during class time beside water.


   I invite you to work with me to make this year successful. I encourage you to contact me by E-mail

  I wish you go over this with a parent/guardian and understand the rules and expectations  and the rubric for this class. 

I look forward to a good year working together.


Mrs. De Boever





1. Write your Name, the Date assigned, the Period on each assignment. Papers of one assignment are stapled

 2. Copy data. If it is a word problem, copy the information given in the word problem, not the complete word problem.

 3. SHOW ALL WORK also when you can do it in your head. You need to communicate and show how you get your answers. Just the answer is never acceptable. Be LEGIBLE and neat. When possible avoid to use a calculator.

Every graph has labels and units on axis. The information that you use to do a graph has to be clear and specified. Example: the slope is.., the y intercept is..., the shape is... the vertices are...  do a table of values. Lines or functions have names; all keys points (X and Y axis intersections, vertices, local maximum, local minimum...) have coordinates. If you have more than one shape on the same graph, each shape should have a name given information to the equation corresponding to the shape etc.

4. All final solutions have to respect conventions. Examples: no decimal number in a fraction, no root notation in denominator, all complex numbers have to be given in standard form "a+bi", all inequality have a solution written in interval notation and in set builder notation and on a # line etc.

5. Circle all final answers but not the graphs.

 6. CHECK ALL SOLUTIONS:- Homework= do a self-correction. - Warm-up= do a self-correction. Answers are in the back of the book.- Class work= follow when we go over each solutions during class.- Test= check if you did answer to each questions of each problem and if your answers make sense

 7. Do not pass a problem. Ask instead the help of the teacher or the help of your class partner who will always help you unless it is a question of the test / quiz. For homework you can get help by visiting the book’s website. You are also welcome during lunch  for extra help.


homework help/extra help available

If you need extra help:

- your book has a web site that offer homework help

 algebra one at  just enter as ID lhs2013 and as pass word livermore

for Pre-calculus at

-I am available for extra help without appointment during  lunch time .

The after fifth period extra help is only on appointment.

-there is extra help offered in the school library every Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

-there is also a peer tutoring offered every Tuesday and Thursday after the fifth period in room S9

Required Materials

 -pencils with erasers

-a graph paper notebook just for the math classwork .

-ample supply of graph papers for  homework and quizzes.

-folder for homework papers.

-scientific calculator only for difficult problems

Please read carefully this last page, sign and return.


Please read carefully this last page, sign and return it to the teacher 

1. We have received a hard copy and read and understand the Class Information (Expectations-Rules-Rubric) terms and policies of the class of Mrs. De Boever. We know that they are  also posted on schoolloop teacher's site.

2. We understand the strong correlation between completion of homework, high levels of attendance and higher grades.

3. We will make sure that all tools and supplies are brought to class every day.

4. We, parents and students, know that we need to register on Schoolloop. Register on line at  

5. We are aware of Homework help and Tutorial videos available online at for algebra one and algebra two

6. We, parents and students, know that all grades are posted on schoolloop and that sometimes comments are written near a grade. 


 Print Student Name:                                                                                                      

Student period:             


Student Signature:                                                                                                            Date:      


Parent / Guardian Printed Name:


Parent / Guardian signature:                                                                                               Date:   

Group Work Rules



1.YOU are responsible for your own behavior. No student has the right to interfere with an other student’s right to learn.

2.YOU Must try to help anyone in your group who asks. However, do not give the answer or tell someone how to work a problem unless you are asked.

3.Only when ALL group members have the same question, ask the teacher help.

4.You must use group voices. The volume of each student’s voice should remain reasonable and within the hearing range of the group.

Mrs De Boever

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