Livermore High School

Schedule Change Requests

Schedules will be changes will be made for the following reasons:

  1. Prerequisites not met
  2. Errors
  3. An open period in the middle of your day

Schedule changes will be considered with parent signature for the following reasons:

  • Request change in elective or required class
  • Request level change (ie: Honors to college prep)


NOTE: Schedule changes will only be considered within 5 days of the trimester.

Teacher Assistant or Community Service Student:
If you have a “Teacher Assistant” or “Community Service” listed on your schedule, you must have the attached form completed, signed by your teacher or community service supervisor and returned to the Attendance Office no later than 5 days after the trimester begins. Every day that the form is not returned after the 5th day will be marked a CUT for attendance purposes. Community Service MUST be the first or last period of your day. If it is not, please complete a schedule change petition to have it moved.