Livermore High School


Is your organization be interested in hosting a booth at the 125th Anniversary Celebration?

There is NO fee for a booth and you will be adding to the festivities with your presence. Join Alumni, current and future LHS families, and members of our community as we mark this milestone birthday for Livermore High School. 

Please email Laura and Susan, Booth Committee Co-Chairs with the following information:


  • Non Profit Name
  • Contact number
  • What will you have at your table? 
  • If power is needed why?
  • Are you planning to sell anything? or giving away anything?
  • Do you plans to have your table staffed during the entire event 3:00pm-9:00pm? If not, when will your table be staffed? 
  • Booths are open to LHS clubs and non-profits who directly contribute to the support of LHS students and staff.


We look forward to working with you!

Laura Brown and Sarah Salazar 

Class of 2002

Cowboy Up!!