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Community College

Community College

Community colleges can provide wonderful opportunities for students who want to learn something specific, students who want to transfer to four year schools, or for students who need more time at home or need to improve their academic record.  Community colleges almost always cost less per credit hour than traditional universities. People who are looking for a way to off-set the often high tuition charged by traditional schools will often begin at community college as a way of saving money. 


To apply at a community college you must be a high school graduate (or have the equivalent of a high school degree) or 18 years old.  There are no standardized testing requirements.


Most community colleges offer associate’s degrees, which can be completed in about two years. Community colleges also offer certificate programs that prepare students for careers such as Dental Assistant, Auto Technician, X-Ray Technician, Fashion Design,Graphic Design, Fire Technology, Engineering Technology, etc..  Students often complete a certificate program and then can work at higher paying jobs to finance the rest of their education. 


Transfer Agreements:

A California community college is a great place to begin your four-year degree. Beginning the path to a four-year degree at a California Community College has two big benefits:

  1. Admission Priority

    Upper division transfer students from the California Community Colleges have the highest admissions priority of all students applying to the UC and CSU. Plus, many of the community colleges have transfer agreements to help you make a smooth transition.

    All California Community Colleges offer courses that meet lower-division, general education requirements of the UC and CSU, and many of the major preparation courses to prepare you for your major. Community colleges also offer Associate Degrees for Transfer in selected majors where, when completed, guarantee you admission into the CSU system at the junior level.

  2. Cost Savings

    By first completing your first 60 units of transferable credit at a California community college and then transferring and completing your upper division classes at UC, CSU or a private/independent college, you can save thousands of dollars in tuition and fees.