Livermore High School

California State University (CSU)

The California State University system currently consists of 23 campuses.  Students must complete 15 a-g subject requirements and meet the Eligibility Index Table (GPA and SAT or ACT) to be considered for admission to the CSU's.  The minimum GPA is 2.0. 


The CSU system does not use comprehensive review, and admits on the basis of GPA and test scores alone (except Cal Poly SLO, which asks a few questions about extracurricular activities).  Letters of Recommendation are not required.


Application available: October 1

Application submission: October 1

Application deadline: November 30


For more information and to take virtual campus tours, visit the CSU Mentor website.  CSU Mentor assists students in planning for college, selecting the appropriate CSU campus to attend, planning how to finance their educations, and applying for admission.


TIP!  Create an account at CSU Mentor as early as your freshman year and enter your grades into the high school planner as you go through high school. When you start a CSU application, all of the information stored in the high school planner will populate to the application.


NOTE: Effective June 1, 2017, the high school planner at CSU Mentor will be discontinued.   If you are using the CSU Mentor Planner, you are encouraged to start using the planner at