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10 Top Yearbook Questions!

#1 - Did I buy a yearbook? (check out the list in School Loop News)

#2 - When will the yearbooks be distributed?  (Thursday, May 24 and Friday, May 25 from 2:00 to 3:30)

#3 - Where can I pick up my book?  (outside the Student Union - go to your alpha line)

#4 - Do I need a receipt?  (No.  If your name is on the list, that's confirmation that you purchased.)

#5 - Do I need to bring ANYTHING?  (Yes.  You need a photo ID - school or driver's license works)

#6 - Can I still BUY a yearbook?  (Yes.  We have approximately 75 extra books ordered available for sale.  You must pay with CASH or money order - NO checks or credit cards now - and go to the kiosk in the quad to purchase a book.)

#7 - What if I'm not here those two days?  Can I still pick up or buy my book? (Yes.  See Mrs. Telford in P-11 AFTER 5th period on May 29-June 1.)  Please do not come during class times as Mrs. Telford is teaching!

#8 - Can I get mine early?  I have a special situation!  (Sorry.  Books won't even be delivered until distribution time - so 'no'. )

#9 - Can anyone else pick up my book?  (Yes.  A parent/guardian can pick up (but they can only come on campus AFTER 3:05) and a friend can pick up your book if you are not here on campus any longer  but your friend needs a signed note from you and you need to see Mrs. Telford for this special arranged pickup.)

#10 - I have a question you didn't answer.  Can you help me?  (Yes.  Call Mrs. Telford, Yearbook Advisor at 925-606-4812 ext 2335 or e-mail her through School Loop.)

Posted by: Kathleen Telford Published:5/9/12