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Poem by Kevin Gunn for Academic Awards

some students just get by

and barely pass the test

the future will reward the ones

who always give their best


teachers challenge students

to learn more and to grow

students who accept the call

will learn more than they know


classes offer students

knowledge for the taking

but they might refuse and suffer

from the  choices they are making


you can't achieve if all you care 

about is being cool

'cause in the end you'll only wish

you hadn't been a fool


some students have more

desire than they are smart

but teachers do admire

the ambition in their heart


if you can focus on success

and not on loafing through

you will learn that there

is really nothing you can't do


Kevin Gunn

Posted by: Jeanne Holzschuh Published:5/16/12
Audience: Homepage, All Grades, Assistant Principals, Associates, Parents, Principals, Staff, Students, Sys Admins and Teachers