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Score Reporting

SAT Score Reporting

At the time of SAT test registration, you can select 4 free score reports to send to colleges; alternatively, you can request scores to be sent later, at the time of application, for a per-college fee. 


College Board offers Score Choice, an SAT score reporting feature that allows students to choose which scores from a specific test date to send to colleges. Score Choice is optional, and if students choose not to use it, all scores will be sent automatically.  Click on the link above for descriptions, a tutorial and answers to frequently asked questions about score choice.  Be aware that some colleges require students to report scores from all test sittings. Check with the admissions department for each college to which you are applying to find out the specific requirements for reporting your SAT scores.


If you use a fee waiver to register for the SAT, this entitles you to 4 additional free score reports for colleges, at the time of registration. Please note this is 4 total score reports, not 4 per test registration. Also, the SAT registration fee waiver entitles you to 4 college application fee waivers.


ACT Score Reporting

When you register for the ACT, you can choose up to four colleges to which ACT will send your scores as part of the basic fee for your test option. If you take the test more than once, you choose which test date results the colleges will receive.  ACT sends scores only for the test date you select.


If you use a fee waiver to register for the ACT, this entitles you to 4 additional free score reports for colleges, at the time of registration (if you provide valid codes when you register).



If, on your SAT/ACT registration, you list colleges where you want your scores sent, the UCs and CSUs will keep the scores for 2 years.

Money Saving Tips

UC campuses

In step 8 of the UC application, authorize the release of your application information with all UC campuses (it's the first release on the third screen of step 8, after the affidavits). If you do so, then the official test scores sent to any one UC campus will be shared with the UC Office of the President and accessible to all of the UC campuses system-wide.


CSU campuses

Send scores to multiple campuses for free or the price of one campus! Select one campus during test registration and it’s free; request a score report to one CSU after you take the test (for a modest fee) and later release scores to additional campuses for free.

SAT: Use school code 3594 for CSU Mentor. Do so, either when you register for the SAT or after you take the test and request a score report. This code will send your SAT scores to CSU Mentor at the Chancellor's Office in Long Beach (i.e. all of the CSU campuses for the price of one).


ACT: Request that your ACT scores are sent to one of the CSUs; doing so also files the score in the CSU Mentor application system for you to release them to other CSU campuses. When you create your application online at CSU Mentor you can release scores in one of two ways:

  1. Once scores are received, you can access the ACT Manager in CSU Mentor (under the Apply Online section) to release those scores to other campuses without additional fees.
  2. On the Application Submittal screen, select the checkbox to release your ACT scores to CSU Mentor to use for subsequent applications.