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September 7, 2018


Dear Livermore High School Families:


We have just completed a very successful Back-to-School Night and it was truly enjoyable to meet all of you and to listen to our teachers’ plans for the academic year. As always, your thoughts and input is truly appreciated.

Thanks are definitely in order to you, our parents, for your responses to several key issues.

  • Thanks for your patience during the first few weeks in enduring longer lines for parking, pick-up and drop-off.  As parents and students become accustomed to the issues, the wait times are shortened considerably.
  • Thank you for your assistance in encouraging your children to attend our voluntary CAP (Cowboy Advisement Period) on Wednesday mornings. As the workloads become a bit more intense, your child and their teachers might ask/encourage attendance.  Your understanding, support and discussion about the benefits of this use of office hours will make a huge difference in the success and use of the program.
  • ID badges have become a reality in secondary schools in our district.  LHS has had a high “use rate” in these first weeks, due in large part to your support.  Thank you for understanding our safety concerns and for reminding  your child to wear their badge and keep it in a consistent place at home.  These badges are required for everyone on the LHS campus.

In addition to our once a week CAP program, we also offer Wednesday Night Tutoring in all subjects.  Sessions are held Wednesdays at 7:00pm in our LHS Library.  This service is offered free of charge by LHS to all students.


For your calendars, our annual Re-Classification Ceremony for our English Learners will be held on September 26th in the large gym from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Students are sent individual invitations and it is honestly a huge accomplishment to achieve the designation of proficiency/re-classification.


October 22nd marks the Annual Tri-Valley College Fair held at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  The Fair features representatives from UC Colleges, CSU’s, Private Colleges, technical schools and military programs.  It is definitely a valuable “one stop” information evening, and parents of students of all grade levels are encouraged to attend.


As a final reminder, PTSA is a great way to stay connected and learn first-hand about upcoming school initiatives.  Please consider attending the upcoming meetings on 9/26, 11/7, 1/23, 3/27 and 5/29.  Meetings are held in the LHS Career Center from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.


We are definitely off to a great start!  As I said in my video at Back-to-School Night, the 2018-2019 school year will bring great things for LHS.


Today and every day is a great day to be a Cowboy!




Vicki Scudder







August 20, 2018


Dear Parents,


It is not my intent to over-use these home messages, but I do think this one is very important.  First of all, thanks to all of you for arriving to school early and for your attention to our parking issues and the direction of our staff on School Street and Cowboy Alley.  When the first bell rang, we had all students in their seats, prepared to begin another great school year.  We could not have accomplished that without your support.


We appreciate your continued vigilance as we work through these issues successfully.  Today the Counselors and VP’s worked tirelessly to resolve student scheduling requests.  Honestly, many of these were not a result of scheduling anomalies at all, but many students wanted to change their course selections or alter the time that a specific class was taken. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.  The good news is that our students have full schedules of rich elective, AP and Engineering options, with talents that cross many disciplines.  Sadly these multiple choices do cause scheduling conflicts with singleton or unique electives.  Your understanding is much appreciated. 


We have successfully photographed and provided ID’s for all but 40 students who were not at our Cowboy Kickoffs.  Again, thanks are in order to all of you for encouraging your students to wear their photo ID’s visibly while they are on our campus.

Students were told today that they have three days to get into the “ID habit”.  On Friday we will begin calling students out of class and making phone calls home for students who have not complied with the wearing of their photo ID’s.  I can truthfully say that the majority of our students have been compliant and understanding of this new safety requirement for all secondary students in our district.


If you have not completed your InfoSnap information, please do so within the next 48 hours. This information is vital for your student’s safety and your ability to receive important information from the school.

In conclusion, today was a great day and we look forward to a great school year! 


Vicki Scudder









August 13, 2018


Dear LHS Parents:


Welcome back to what we know will be an exciting year for all of us.  We have already had our freshman “Cowboy Kick Off” with the help of Ms. Stephens and her fabulous LINK crew. The class of 2022 participated in a rally, school tours, picked up their class schedules, and had their photographs taken. Attendance speaks to the “personality” of this class---83% of the class came and actively participated, with at least 100 parents attending our “Greenhorn Gathering” hosted by our PTSA. This is the largest attendance in our collective memory.  Way to go freshmen!


As any casual visitor can observe, change is in the air at Livermore High School.  Our old bleachers have been removed and construction of our new seating and our track extension is under way.  As the two year construction project begins,we will all have to adjust to the temporary changes in access and student parking.  The good news is that our customary drop-off areas for students have not changed. We have lost very few (under twenty) parking places for students, however we do realize the entry to the student lot in the morning may cause slowed traffic for those dropping off students.  Please remember to allow additional time in the morning to make sure your children are on time to their first period class. Be aware of our student drivers and our pedestrian traffic.  Change brings wonderful things for our students and the whole  profile of Cowboy Nation.  Small inconveniences pave the way for an amazing athletic complex, and put the “frosting on the cake” in terms of student pride.  Stay tuned and check our website frequently for traffic alerts, maps and information on construction.  Thank you so much for your patience!


Our broad smiles are an indicator of a happy LHS family who have two new additions—a new Vice Principal and a new Counselor—bringing the total of each  job classification to four.  To us this translates to more student services, and more quality time with administrative and counseling staff.  In addition to Mrs. Mohammed and Mr. Fletcher, Ms. Val Nebo and Mr. Brett Christopher have been added to our VP team.  Erik Taylor has move “down the road apiece” to Del Valle, serving as a VP there.  We are happy for him and his new career opportunity. Our counseling staff has grown with the new addition of Mr. Zack Radecke—a former GHS student who has returned “home” to Livermore. The big change for all of you and our students is the new configuration of alphabetical breakdowns for assigned students.  Each VP and Counselor will take a portion of the alphabet—across all grade levels.  Please check our website to see the assignments and the pairings of a VP and Counselor serving your children. 


With new personnel and the ability to provide additional services, LHS will begin to offer CAP (Cowboy Advisory Period) each Wednesday.  Your children’s teachers will discuss this with them during the first week of school, include it in the syllabus they send home, and we have provided an explanation for you  on our website.  I believe the explanation is self-explanatory, but the intent is to provide additional opportunities and meaningful connections for our teachers and students.  Pretty exciting stuff!


The kick-off for our teachers is always an exciting day, and this one is very special, as our keynote speaker is Scarlett Lewis.  Her program “Choose Love” will be implemented in all LVJUSD schools k-12 this year, and we will provide more information as we firm up our own program here at LHS.  Families, staff members, and community members are also invited to hear Scarlett Lewis speak on the topic, “Be Part of the Solution: Choosing Love for Livermore”. The presentation is free to all who reserve tickets online. Scarlett lost her little boy as a result of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Please consider attending.

 Here is the direct link to reserve tickets:


And finally, please mark your calendar for Back to School Night, Wednesday, September 5th beginning at 6:00pm and ending at 7:40pm.  We will also have food available for purchase for your convenience!


I am very excited to be back and begin what I know will be a great year for all of us. I ask that you stay connected to us and continue to participate in the life of your child as they grow and flourish. You make a difference and we welcome your partnership.




Vicki Scudder









June 4, 2018


Dear Livermore Families:


I can finally state, unequivocally, that we are in the home stretch!


Our seniors have returned from their Disneyland trip and enjoyed their Senior Ball.  Mr. Taylor has supervised a very successful CAASSP testing of our junior class with an unprecedented participation rate in all areas.  A full complement of celebrations including drama performances, instrumental music and choral productions have highlighted the last few weeks. The whole atmosphere is one of successful culmination and celebration for our Livermore Cowboys!


Thanks to our Superintendent and Board of Trustees, we have the support of an additional Vice Principal and Counselor, bringing the total number to four in each category.  This will enable us to provide more individualized time for our students, and restructure and add to our present responsibilities. In addition to the new faces in our administrative and counseling offices, we have completed our hiring for the 2018-2019 academic year. We bid a fond good-bye to our retirees, Mr. Barry Parr and Ms. Debra Day, and wish them well in their exciting retirement plans. 


While our staff and students take a much-needed break for summer fun, our office and administrative staff will continue to refine our class schedule and plan our instructional program for next year.  We have added several new courses, and are excited about a senior elective, LIFE, designed to prepare exiting students for “life after LHS”.


Now more than ever, it will be very important for all of you to check in regularly to our website. Of particular importance will be the dates of Freshman Orientation, our Walk-Through Registration, and information about our new “Academic Support and Enrichment” program that we will be initiated on Wednesdays throughout the academic year.


Congratulations are in order to our wonderful senior class.  They have left their mark on the Cowboys and have been remarkable for their positive attitude and service to the school and our community.  They have led the student body in areas of commitment, caring and positive social change.  They leave us ready to make their mark on the world!


This has been a wonderful and fulfilling year for me, and I am sincerely grateful for your continued support and understanding.  My best wishes for a relaxing summer vacation.  I look forward to seeing all of you in August.  Until then—Today –and every day—is a great day to be a Cowboy.




Mrs. Scudder








March 28, 2018


Dear Livermore High School Families:


Spring Break is almost upon us, and we have many events of interest to report! Our annual Mr. Cowboy event was a huge success and congratulations are in order to all of our participants. The commemorative calendar is definitely a classic!


Members of our Livermore High School Chamber Choir were selected, by audition, to be a part of the National Festival Choir---the only Californians chosen! The National Choir performed at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco recently, and our students joined students from across the nation. I encourage you to search National Festival Choir 180319 on YouTube to enjoy their incredible performance.  Congratulations to Mr. Filice and the Chamber Choir. What an honor!


When I think of awards and honors I would definitely be remiss if I overlooked the accolades earned by the LHS Color Guard and Winter Percussion. Our Winter Guard placed 1st and our percussion group garnered third place at the recent Granada Fiesta/Winter Roundup.  Again, thanks are in order to the students, instructors and parents who contributed to the event.


As many of you know, our students are very aware of recent nationwide issues and protests against violence. On March 13th our Mayor, Police Chief, Superintendent, Board President and representatives from Scott Haggerty and Eric Swalwell’s offices spent an hour with students from Leadership and a few of our Social Science/Civics classes and a representative from our school newspaper, to provide information to our students and hear their opinions and views on school safety and associated topics. After meeting with our students the panel members travelled across town for a similar meeting at Granada High School.  On March 14th, students who expressed an interest in doing so, were given the opportunity to participate in a silent protest on the our athletic field. There were no adjustments to our schedule on that day, and participation was optional. In reflecting on these various forums, I can truly say that we are so proud of all of our young people.  They are articulate, thoughtful, and have created venues where all opinions can be heard and valued.  Thank you for your understanding and support of your children and our combined efforts to give “voice” to these issues.


Whether at a Junior Prom, meeting with local politicians, or simply “out and about” in our community, all of us feel that “our kids” are making a positive difference.  Clearly we are all a “work in progress”, but high school is definitely a time when young people learn and grow from their experiences.  We appreciate your willingness to talk to them at home and to call us with questions or concerns as we work together to create our future leaders.


On a serious note--- and another “shared” concern worthy of family discussions—vaping is becoming an issue in high schools nationwide.  Livermore High School is no exception, and we are experiencing an increase in office referrals for possession or use of E-cigarettes.  These “vapes” come in a variety of “styles” and are hard to recognize and detect.  Since they produce a vapor and not actual smoke their use is easy to conceal. Just for your information, our discipline policy spells out the penalty for possession or use.  On the first offense, students are referred to a T.U.P.E (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) counselor for three sessions. The second referral results in a suspension.  As with all other disciplinary issues, “suspected use” is not grounds for the penalty as outlined.  Even in these cases, however, parents are contacted regarding allegations of use.  This information has been discussed with our entire student population via an announcement and a memo to be read in all classrooms.


Finally, we would like to remind you of the free Livermore Valley Teen Heart Screening event on April 22nd from 9:00am to 3:00pm here at Livermore High School.  This is a district sponsored activity in partnership with the Via Heart Project. Youths ages twelve to twenty-five can have their heart screened and checked for any cardiac abnormalities. One in five hundred young adults can be at risk for cardiac disease.  This is a no-cost opportunity for our athletes and our general population to have an EKG read by a cardiologist on site. Register your child today at  More information is available on our school website.  Check it out!


Happy Spring Break to all of you!





Vicki Scudder











February 12, 2018


Dear Livermore High School Parents:


Although it is hard to believe, we are almost at the end of a very rigorous and activity-filled second trimester! The next few weeks will be highlighted by meeting our incoming freshmen at their middle schools, registering our current students for the next academic year and preparing our seniors for future college and workplace experiences.


EXPO 2018 on February 21st is definitely a key focal point for our students and staff.  At this evening event,  future cowboys and their families meet, greet and learn about the amazing aspects—academic and social—of life at Livermore High School. This event, held in the main gym, is a wonderful opportunity to view department displays and student work. Students in our academic, fine and applied arts, GEA, business, agriculture, sports and extracurricular programs are “showcased” and are present to answer questions, together with our amazing teaching staff. I urge you to visit us on the 21st at 6:00pm and have a true “cowboy experience”.  Additional information is available on our website.  See you there!


One of the major all-school events in February is Livermore High School’s signature “Needle Drop”. Try and imagine selected groups of students lip-synching to a variety of popular songs as they move through throngs of cheering students and you’ve got the general idea.  The grand finale is all 2,000-plus of us gathered together cheering as a drone hovers above filming. Please click on the link on our website to view the video, produced and directed by seniors Hunter and Trevor Johnson with the support of Gabe Castro and his Video Production class. It doesn’t get any better than this!


Although it’s a short month, February continues to be a busy one for all of us. In addition to the events and school visits previously mentioned, we will be administering the “California Healthy Kids Survey” to our 9th and 11th grade students. The information obtained will provide confidential information to the State, our district and our site regarding student perceptions on substance use, school safety, general school climate and other significant topics. If you are interested in the details of the survey, please visit . The testing will begin on February 12th and end on February 20th.  Students will be called in small groups to the student union for a 45 minute testing session. 


Finally, we need to address two very important issues for this school; its climate and its parent support and outreach. Our PTSA is a major component of the culture and vitality of Livermore High School. The PTSA supports our students and staff through college preparation programs, speakers, special events, staff and student recognitions and—of course—Safe and Sober Grad Night—their biggest event.  The same small cadre of loyal parents has headed the organization—some of them for several years.  We are desperately in need of new folks to step up and fill some of the major positions. Please take a moment to visit the PTSA website and consider running for the PTSA board.  If we do not have these positions filled by March, we anticipate the shut-down of the PTSA.—a thought too dire for me to contemplate.  If you have questions about the positions (co-chairing with a friend is possible)—please call me personally or contact Meg Epperly ( or Monica Baucke (


Additionally, please note the parent survey on the website.  We truly value your thoughts, and so far, only 132 parents have responded out of a population of almost 3,000.  Please take fifteen minutes—at most—to fill this out. It is most appreciated and vitally important.

Thank you for all you do for all of us.


Vicki Scudder







January 11, 2018


Dear Livermore Families:


Best wishes from our entire LHS staff to all of you for a happy 2018.  We hope you had a relaxing Winter Break and are glad to be back in the “swing” of things.


Although the last two weeks constituted a mini vacation for some of us, our district crew and outside contractors have been hard at work. Livermore High School has a brand new “all-call”, speaker and bell system, incorporating additional features and safety alert options. Currently technicians are working on volume adjustment, coverage and the “sound” of the bell/alerts.  My e-mail to the staff today was entitled “Patience is a Virtue” and I can only reiterate that theme.  It WILL be up and running soon, but there are many systems that have to be “fine-tuned” in the installation process.  The same concept applies to the solar panels in our parking lot. We had hoped for project completion prior to our return from break, however, connecting the system with PG&E is still “in process”.  We are hopeful that the entire system shut down and “re-boot” will be finalized prior to February 1.


Our much-anticipated Athletic Complex Project is now in the “State approval” phase.  This is the last step prior to breaking ground for this two and a half year project incorporating a new gymnasium, bleachers, widened track and new swimming pool for our Cowboy Nation. To say that we are excited is an understatement, however we all understand that this is a major construction project—one that will impact many aspects of our life for quite a while.  The good news is that we will be able to have graduation on the field this year and in subsequent years.  This was a major concern for us, and it was a process involving consideration of the viability of other alternative options. I’m pleased that we will be able to move forward with our graduation planning and that all of you involved in the ceremony can be confident that graduation 2018 will be on our own “turf” in the same familiar location—our cowboy stadium.


Before the Thanksgiving break, our entire student body participated in a survey during a homeroom period in which they also received their schedules for the second trimester.  All LHS students were asked to respond to a number of questions regarding school safety, program awareness, issues of bullying, and academic content. The responses were tabulated and the data can be viewed going to our website:  The results are posted on the front of our page.


While we are pleased with the survey participation and the student responses, we are also interested in your input as parents and members of our school community. Your opinion matters, and we are hopeful that we will be able to gather data from a large number of our “customers”.  In the past, parent surveys returns have been less than impressive, with a response rate of less than 2% of our parent population of well over 3,500.  Please take a moment to click on this link:


 Give us your thoughts on topics of importance to your children, our instructional and support staff and you, our parents. The survey should take less than ten minutes and covers topics such as safety, availability of clubs, attendance and effective communication.  Thank you in advance for providing us with your thoughts about what we’re doing well and what we could do better. Your input is definitely appreciated and valued.


If you do not have a Google account and cannot take the survey with the link provided, please let me know and I will provide you with a hard copy survey to complete.


As always—for your planning purposes, please note that we will have Mock SAT Testing on January 20, 2018. Check out the information on our website for specific details. 




Vicki Scudder







November 20, 2017


Dear Parents:


Finals are over and we are gearing up for our second trimester!  We have many things to be thankful for and lots to celebrate. In addition to a very successful football season resulting in our participation in NCS playoffs, kudos are in order to our fantastic coaching staff, our hard-working athletes, and our incredible parent supporters, led by Gina Hermann. Their spirit and sense of community is definitely a “star” in Livermore High School’s crown.  Many thanks to all involved.


Our Music Department is yet another source of honors and celebration of talent and showmanship. Last week’s concert showcased our vocal musicians and highlighted our “largest ever” Concert Choir.  The theater was packed, and the audience was delighted with the diversity and skill of all the performers. Mr. Filice is to be commended for his skill, enthusiasm and incredible rapport with his students. What a great way to begin our holidays!


Our instrumental music program, under the direction of Justin Enright, participated in the recent 2017 Lincoln Band Review in Stockton.  Our Jazz Band received a 3rd place in their category, followed by a 1st place for both our Concert and Marching Bands. What a wonderful way to end the season! Look for them in the Downtown Holiday Parade.


Our Fall Play, “A Civil War Christmas” will open soon, with performances on December 1st,  2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th. This musical by Pulitzer Prize–winner Paula Vogel, promises to be an engaging and entertaining entry into the holiday season.


In terms of updates on the site activities and construction news----the installation of our solar panels continues to move along. Parking issues have been minimal, and I appreciate your willingness to adapt during the “building” process. Our District Bond Oversite Committee is hard at work on the final phases and drawings for our sports complex, and we anticipate more “ground-breaking” information after the first of the year. Today I hosted a visit from our District CTO (Chief Technology Officer) who provided information about a new “pilot” classroom at LHS as a prototype of technology improvements (video and teacher mic capabilities) that will—ultimately—be installed in every one of our classrooms.  These are definitely exciting times!


We are moving ahead with some new course offerings for the 2018-19 school year (all pending Board approval), continued work on our Career Technical Pathways, and new club and community service activities school wide.  As you may have read in the recent issue of the Independent newspaper, Steve Stewart, Planning Manager for the City of Livermore, visited Mrs. Matthew’s Civics class as part of the city’s outreach on development of the heart of our downtown area.  The students were thoroughly engaged in the process, and both sides profited from the discussion. What a great opportunity provided by one of our teachers to create and preserve student interest and participation in our community.


Finally, our collective best wishes for a holiday season rich in connections and time with family and friends.  I am truly thankful for all your support.




Vicki Scudder





October 23, 2017


Dear Parents:


It has been a very busy month thus far, and promises to continue to be event-filled until our winter break! I know that the pending holiday season is a busy time for our LHS families as well.


A significant focus for Livermore High School has been the preparation for, and visit of, the WASC team—a group of visiting educators touring our classrooms and talking to our teachers, students and parents.  Their purpose was that of monitoring our progress on goals established three years ago by a previous visiting team.  This review by the Accrediting Commission for School—the ACS-WASC –is sponsored by one of six regional accrediting agencies reviewing high schools and colleges in California, Hawaii, the Pacific Region, Middle East, Africa and Europe. After two and a half days, the team left to write an interim report which we should receive sometime in December.  They will comment on our program, the validity of our coursework, and our on-going support of learning for all of our students.  Once the report is received we will have input on our goals for the next three years, until the final accreditation visit in 2020.


In addition to our WASC review, we have also been engaged in the writing of the SPSA, the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  This plan is a roadmap for the school year, and details our goals in Math, English and Reading Competency, as well as our school climate and plan for supporting students with special needs, both educational and emotional.  Please check this site for a link to the entire 42 page plan in the near future.  As soon as the Plan is approved by the Board of Education I will post it here so you can read it and see not only our intention and goals, but also how we will measure them, ask for your input and communicate information and data to you.


Although these two reviews are definitely very labor-intensive, involving months of work, documentation and reflection, I can honestly say that the process is a good one, keeping us adherent to our vision and guaranteeing that we maintain the highest of academic standards for Livermore High School and its students. A huge thank you is in order to all the parents, students, and staff who contributed to this work and a special “shout out” to Vice Principal Tom Fletcher and Mr. Brian Poynter, for the coordination of the WASC report, visit and focus groups.


My job is truly a wonderful and challenging one—full of pleasure and delight in the accomplishments of our students. I was reminded of this by my recent visit to the Livermore Rotary to present three of our students as the Rotary Outstanding Students of the Month. Our students are acknowledged by the group, presented with a plaque and gifts from local businesses, and treated to a luncheon with their family members at the event.  The students are nominated by their teachers for exhibiting a combination of academic excellence and service to the school and community.  Hannah Dolan, Megan Johnston and Radha Sri-Tharan definitely exemplify the skills, warmth and personal integrity that make our collective family proud.  I am fortunate to be able to “sit in” for all of you and bask in the reflected glory of their accomplishments.  Congratulations to their families, their teachers and all of you.  It truly “takes a village”. Our students are the future, and the future looks very bright!


In closing, as we approach the holidays we are thankful for the love and support of our own families and that of the extended community as well. We at Livermore High School are constantly reminded of the network of support for Cowboy Nation that contributes to all of our students.  Special thanks are in order to all of you and—most recently—accolades to:

  • The LHS PTSA for the showing of “Screenagers” and the anti-bullying presentation they sponsored at a recent PTSA meeting.  Their “broadening” of the outreach to our parent population and the offering of meaningful and informative discussion topics is most appreciated.
  • Sandia National Laboratory for the generous gift of updated Periodic Tables for our Science classrooms with the “new addition” of the element Livermorium (Lv).
  • The LVJUSD and our ELAC parents and staff for the reclassification ceremony for district students held in the LHS gym. It was a wonderful, celebratory event.
  • Tim Boczanoski and the LVJUSD Planning Committee for the presentation (and Board approval) of the new Sports Complex at Livermore High School.

To all of you—too numerous to mention—especially our parents and staff.  Thank you for your continued support.



Vicki Scudder








September 12, 2017



Dear LHS Families:


I know that there have been more School Messenger recorded messages home than usual these first few weeks.  My apologies for interrupting family time in the evening, however, personal communication was critical on a few key issues, especially around topics of extreme heat and student safety. Thank you for your understanding.


 In terms of general “nuts and bolts”, we feel that class adjustments have been finalized for the first trimester.  We had a very well-attended Back-To-School Night, and it was great meeting many of you between my visits to classrooms. Kudos are in order to the students who provided musical entertainment in the amphitheater and to our LINK Crew students who assisted in directing parents around our campus.


This past Saturday marked the beginning of our African American Scholars Program, providing support for students and parents at both LHS and GHS.  This is the second year of the program, under the direction of Dr. Maisha Beasley and her associates. Dr. Beasley holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Francisco in International and Multicultural Education and is a dynamic presenter who makes multi-generational connections. In the course of the program, our students will identify their goals and future plans, and come to an understanding of the educational and social challenges of high school.  The program (held September through May) is composed of bi-weekly groups and Saturday activities and meetings on both campuses. Our Vice Principal, Roxana Mohammed, is to be commended for the formation and the inspiration behind this dynamic group.


 As we look at imbedded support for all students at Livermore High School, it is important to mention the kick-off of a program addressing the success and support for students who are defined as English Learners at LHS.  Under the direction of English teacher Jeff Taves, staff members have volunteered to select one student to support and mentor throughout the first trimester, via academic check ins and personal connections.


We have just completed our freshman class elections with an impressive slate of eighteen candidates.  The class of 2021 has definitely surpassed previous voting “turnouts” with an amazing 90% voter participation.  The freshman class is already making a positive impact on Cowboy Nation!  Congratulations are in order to Skyler Koch (President), Adriana Fugate (Vice President), Dominic Medina-Garcia (Secretary), Kelly Clifton (Treasurer), and Josiah Alpher (Historian).


This week we look forward to the senior picnic in San Ramon, Homecoming nominations, PSAT Testing Preparation and the PTSA-sponsored screening of the Movie “Screenagers” on September 21,  in the LHS Theater at 7:00pm. Safe and Sober Grad Night Meetings have started as well.  Please, if you are a parent of a senior, calendar October 9th at 7:00pm in the Career Center and plan to attend and support this vital event. Even if you are not the parent of a senior, the event re-occurs yearly.  We need parents of all grade levels to maintain and perpetuate a safe grad night for our Cowboys!


Thanks, as always, for your support and participation.  Your opinions and input matter.




Vicki Scudder






July 24, 2017


Dear LHS families:


Although many of us are still in a July vacation mode, our thoughts wander to August and the beginning of another academic year for the Cowboys.  I am delighted to welcome all of our new and our returning families to the 2017-2018 school year. I can honestly say I am proud to be a part of Livermore High School and want all of you to feel that same pride and connection to what I believe is the best possible academic and social environment for your children. 


We have experienced continued growth in our student body and our current freshman class is 540 strong! We look forward to meeting them and getting to know the class of 2021 and their families.


We have increased the size of our teaching staff as well, and over the summer we have hired fourteen staff members to join our existing group of outstanding teachers!  Just like our students, our new teachers will participate in their own orientation on August 15th where they will meet the administrative and office team.  Teachers have both a Professional Development day and a work day prior to the official “opening the doors” to our students on August 21st.  Please check our website after our official first day to see photos of our eager new teachers.  They are definitely a great group!


If you are new to us, you may not know that last year was our official 125th Anniversary.  It was an amazing year, with many academic and athletic accomplishments for our students. The 125th celebration, however, added a special “feel” to the year and made all of us conscious of the traditional values that make Livermore High School unique.  This year, we anticipate the groundbreaking for a new, state-of-the art Athletic Complex, solar panel installation, and classroom and technology updates.  We have the voters of Livermore to thank for their approval of Measure J funds in support of our students.


I ask that you plan your summer and family activities so that you and your children will be able to participate in our LHS Walk-Through on August 14 through 16th. Please check the school website for your child’s designated date and time of attendance.  They will have their picture taken, receive their student ID card, purchase a yearbook and PE clothes, etc. They will also receive their schedule of classes. Regarding schedule pick-up, I want to reiterate that we spend the summer making sure your student’s schedule is correct, based on their academic need and—in the case of both new and returning students—what they requested in March. As a result, schedule changes during Walk-Through are limited to scheduling errors (i.e. a missing class period). After the first week of school, you will find that our counseling staff is accessible for appointments and general educational concerns. The first week of school is devoted to smooth transitions for all students and staff, and we reserve that time for “fine tuning” our daily schedule.


Once again, we ask that all of our families update their contact information online through a link to InfoSnap.  This is an annual request that provide us with current information for general communications in case of emergency. Watch for an email the week of August 7th that will give you a “snap code” and directions for filling your information out online. We will also have InfoSnap information on our website after August 7th.


Our teaching, support and administrative team look forward to seeing our students in August and sharing our vision and plans on Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 6th. Working together, let’s make this another successful year for the Cowboys!




Vicki Scudder





June 23, 2017


Dear Livermore High School Families:


The 2016-2017 School year is officially over, and it was a very rewarding one for our students and our teaching and support staff.  As always, graduation was bitter-sweet, as we said goodbye to the 125th Anniversary Class of 2017. They distinguished themselves academically and socially, and we wish them well and much success in what we know is a “collective” bright future!


Our 125th Anniversary Celebration was memorable, meaningful and well-attended. Thanks again to Dr. Kelly Bowers and the district support team, Monica Baucke and her cadre of volunteers, and the LHS Alumni Association for their many contributions. Please visit our website and click on the links provided to view the events encapsulated in the photography/video by our own Hunter and Trevor Johnson. Their artistic “stills” and drone flyover of the campus beautifully portray both the variety of the events and the energy generated by the venue. 


 Livermore High School is definitely a busy place while many of our families are on vacation or simply taking a break from school during the months of June, July and August.  Of course, summer school is in full swing from 8:00am to 11:30am daily, and   our football team and other sports activities utilize our site for practices and team meetings. We have hosted numerous gatherings of architects and community members involved in the planning and consultation for our new LHS sports complex.  These meetings have generated ideas that will guide the design of a new gymnasium, stadium and pool project on our site.  It is an exciting time and has been a very productive summer thus far. Of course, our students are engaged in the Alameda County Fair, and many of our Ag students are readying their animals for the move to the fair compounds for showing/judging.  The artwork of Livermore High students is prominently displayed in the fine arts area and speaks to their talent and creativity. 


Please remember to consult our website and our marquee for pertinent information and updates. I have included additional “key points” for your summer consideration as you begin your planning for what I know will be a productive year for your sons and daughters. Preparation during the “down time” of summer will make the entire family feel more relaxed and “school ready” when August 21st rolls around!

  • We would appreciate a thorough search in hidden corners to locate any forgotten library books or textbooks.  The few minutes you spend dropping off any missing books will help ALL of us, and insure that we will have adequate texts for all of our students. This year we have over $30,000 in missing class sets alone!  Any help you can provide is most appreciated.  Books may be dropped off in the Summer School office any time before July 14, between the hours of 8:00am and 11:30am. If you received a Late Notice from the librarian, Mrs. Bogetti, and believe this in error, please e-mail her at
  • Be sure to check our website for the dates of Walk-Through. Days and times are assigned by grade level, and we only provide schedules as indicated on the days assigned to the specific class. 
  • Remember that photos will be taken on that day, so please make sure you are school dress code appropriate.  Many students to not realize that these pictures become part of their official transcript, seen by colleges, recruiters, etc.  This is definitely the day to look your “professional best”. This dress code applies to attendance at school and all related school events, including dances.
  • Our teachers have been hired, and our master schedule has been built.  Students are placed in classes generated by their class requests.  The classes you signed up for are those you have been given, with very few exceptions.  Please understand that schedule change requests will not be entertained.  Of course, if the error is ours, we willingly make adjustments.  Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding.
  • Finally, Back-To-School Night is September 6, 2017.  This is THE time to meet your teachers, hear their class expectations and get a “feel” for your entire schedule. Whether you are brand new to us or a “veteran”, it’s good for parents and students alike to hear the same information.  Food trucks will be available for purchasing dinner starting at 5:00pm. Student classroom visits begin at 6:00pm.

We wish all of you a super summer with the right balance of fun and interesting adventures. Best wishes from myself and the entire Livermore High School staff.


Vicki Scudder





May 17, 2017


Dear LHS Families:


The days are rushing by at “warp speed’ and they are full of activity for the Cowboys!


Our 125th Anniversary Celebration is three days away! Last night Livermore High School received recognition at the monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees, complete with an official Proclamation from the Board. Special recognition was also given to the LHS Alumni Association and Monica Baucke for their incredible support of Livermore High School and its students past and present. We are most grateful for their assistance in our preparation for the Saturday event, and are equally thankful for the hard work of our PTSA, our Leadership class and our LINK crew.  Paige and Hunter Johnson were also acknowledged for their work in support of the 125th activities and their constant efforts to grow and maintain Cowboy school climate.


Remember that the Anniversary Event begins at 1:00pm this coming Saturday, May 20th.  The activity-packed celebration ends at 8:00pm with crowds heading to our Theatre to attend the final performance of “In the Heights”. This production has truly received rave reviews, and seating is limited! We are hoping for a huge turn-out of our former students as well as our current LHS families.  For more detailed information, please consult our website. I hope to see you there, celebrating your part in our 125 years of excellence.

Our main focus next week will be our State CAASPP testing for our junior class. The testing window is May 22 – May 26.  Students will all be on an adjusted schedule and e-mails have been sent home giving all families specific information.  Please consult this website for the adjusted bell schedule. Remember that attendance is mandatory for all students.  Our eleventh grade students will be given a “reward” for perfect attendance during testing—three days of off-campus lunch privileges.  We anticipate good results and attendance. Thank you for your support.


This month has been highlighted by many successes and celebrations. Our Olympian Scholar Athletes have been selected and lauded at a breakfast event, and the winners from both Livermore High School and Granada were chosen Monday night at an Olympian Banquet. Congratulations are in order to all of our outstanding student-athletes. The finalists are: Samantha Dukes, Emily Hawkins, Katelyn Johnson, Cameron Johnston, Patrick Schwartz and Ryan MacDonnell. Each of the winners (two from each high school) received a $2,000 scholarship, and the remaining four  finalists received a $500 scholarship. Our winners, announced Monday evening are Cameron Johnson and Samantha Dukes. Congratulations to all of our amazing young people.


Speaking of amazing young people, four of our Agriculture students competed in the Cal State FFA Judging Contest Finals at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. This judging event is the most competitive of the 200 FFA contests. It is an eight hour contest and our students competed against 185 students and 45 teams.  Our team was third in the state and Bonnie Crawford won the individual award for the highest.  Our students rocked the competition! Kudos are definitely in order to Ashley Porter, Bonnie Crawford, Ashley Mabery and Mason Ventura.  Excellent job.


Tomorrow LHS is hosting eighth grade students from East Avenue as part of the Ambassador’s Program, started by VP Roxana Mohammed.  Students visit our classes, have lunch and listen to a panel presentation by our LHS students. The “ambassadors” then return to their own middle school and present a summary of the day in their 8th grade core classes.  Welcome to LHS Class of 2021!


On a final note, Livermore High School will be losing three teachers and one custodian to the ranks of the retired.  Rex Anderson (PE Department), Susan Edgar-Lee (Science Department), Patricia Renn-Gogny (Special Education) and Cris Malaca (Head Custodian).  They will be celebrated at a district ceremony and acknowledged at LHS as well.  We value their time with us and celebrate their productive careers.  They will definitely be missed.


Enjoy the rest of May and what we hope will be exceptional weather.  Thank you for all you do.


Vicki Scudder





April 14, 2017


Dear LHS Families:


Spring has arrived, and it is truly a busy time of year for all of us here at Livermore High School.  Over the break, seventeen French language students accompanied by parents and French teacher, Heema Sinibaldi, visited France and Italy. Their trip, with stops in Paris, Monaco, Nice, Florence, Pisa and Rome, was described as culturally enriching and fun-filled.  I hope that all of you, like myself, who stayed home and relaxed, enjoyed the break and are refreshed and rejuvenated as we approach the home-stretch to the 2016-2017 academic year.


Testing is currently on our mind, and Mr. Taylor and Kevin Peterson, our IT Specialist, have inventoried our current chrome book collection of ten carts (32 chromebooks per cart) and have initiated necessary replacement and repair.  A big thank you is in order to our wonderful Alumni Association for their continued technology support of Livermore High School. They have recently purchased 32 chrome books to add to our growing inventory. In addition to use in our classrooms, this technology is vital to student use during yearly state testing. In fact, May 22-26 marks the CAASPP testing window for our eleventh grade students.  We will have an adjusted schedule for all students during that period, and I want to reiterate the need for your continued cooperation in making sure that all students at all grade levels are present on these days.  A more detailed schedule will be provided on our website as testing time approaches.


Course registration for the 2017-2018 academic year has just closed.  Student selections are the building blocks of our master schedule, and Mr. Fletcher is already using this data to build the schedule for the entire school for next year.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1st -May 5th.  Our PTSA, our Leadership students, and the Administrative Team plan to provide “treats” for our dedicated teachers daily during this very special week. Although I know everyone enjoys donuts and other delectable snacks, I urge you to take a moment to drop an e-mail message to faculty members who have made a difference in the lives of your children. Livermore High School has a fantastic staff, and our classroom teachers are definitely second to none!  Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support of them as you work as a team to provide the best learning and social environment for our Cowboys! As an additional “celebration” of excellence, Jeanette Garza, our AP Spanish and Leadership teacher has been nominated as the Livermore Rotary Teacher of the Year, representing LHS. She epitomizes the dedication, spirit of commitment and professionalism that typifies our teaching staff.  Her hours of commitment and infectious good humor and enthusiasm are much appreciated!  Congratulations, Mrs. Garza.


Please remember that our 125th Anniversary Celebration is less than five weeks away. This is such a special event for all of us---past and present Cowboys.  I urge you to attend the event on May 20th at LHS.  For more details, please visit and click on the LHS 125th tab at the top of the page.   In particular, our culinary students are preparing a wonderful appetizer menu for that evening.  Please take time to reserve your tickets for appetizers and desserts. The events are guaranteed to be memorable and fun for all ages. See you there!


Hopefully all of you take a moment in your busy schedules to check the website of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District(  In addition to serving as a link to district school websites, job information, and featured programs and celebrations, the website also serves as a valuable parent resource for information regarding special programs and services, and downloadable forms for your use.  The site currently features our own LHS custodial staff in the online photo gallery. Finally, Livermore School District graduates are highlighted in a special “Alumni Spotlight”.  This month, Kaitlyn Baucke, an alumna of Croce, Christensen and Livermore High School is featured.  A music video and her website are included in her biographical sketch. Just as I hope you stay in touch with us via our website, I encourage you to follow the district site as well to learn about district initiatives, features and the philosophy of our Superintendent and Board.


Warm Regards,


Vicki Scudder







March 6, 2017


Dear Parents:


As I write this update, we are entering Finals Week for the second trimester, followed by Spring Break in another four weeks. I don’t know how many of you are aware of the presence in our community of therapy dogs, provided by Canine Comfort, a local service organization. For the last three or four years, these wonderful canines and their owners have been a presence at LHS during finals. They provide “stress relief” to students and staff alike, and they and their owners deserve a huge cowboy round of applause!


This year rushing to its conclusion, and the last few weeks have been packed with activities.  


We have just completed a very successful Livermore High School Expo.  Kudos are in order to Ms. Mohammed and her support staff for an engaging and incredibly well-attended event. It is definitely a great way to showcase LHS and to welcome the new members of our freshman class—the Class of 2021!


Online course registration opens today (March 6) for our freshman and we have definitely alerted our feeder schools to help us get the word out. We anticipate consistent enrollment for the next academic year, and our administrative staff is already looking at our class schedule and staffing for 2017-2018.


The last production of our Winter Play “Thirty-Nine Steps” had its final performance Saturday evening, and rehearsals have begun for “In the Heights” the musical production that will effectively end the 2016-2017 season.


Livermore High School athletes have excelled in numerous venues over the last few weeks. Notable “sports moments” include our award-winning Girls Soccer Team and their incredible D2 NCS Championship, our Varsity Girls Basketball Team, and individual and group accomplishments covering a wide range of sports from wrestling to lacrosse. Please visit the   “Cowboys Fight” link on our homepage to read more about our incredible athletes.


The next few weeks feature a Winter Choral Concert, a Winter Band and Orchestra Concert,  Freshmen Course Registration Night and the ever-popular “Mr. Cowboy” event on March 24, 2017. Additionally, we are beginning the first of a string of events leading up to our 125th Anniversary Celebration on May 20, 2017.  Please plan on attending the Crab Feed, at the Robert Livermore Center on Saturday, March 18, 2017. This, and similar calendared events, support Livermore High School directly.


On a final and very significant note, our PTSA plays a vital role in the academic and social life of our students.  This organization supports events, activities and informational social media directly related to our school, its image in the community, and our programs.  After two incredible years, several of our very significant positions on the PTSA Board have “timed out”.  Our PTSA President, Monica Baucke’s position, is one of those key positions.  We are in need of someone to step forward to fill her shoes.  Without a full roster of officers, the PTSA will be forced to disband.  Please consider contacting Monica or members of her board to learn about the positions available.  Monica will remain on the board and has graciously agreed to assist the individual who is willing to step forward and chair this vital parent-student organization.  If you have additional questions, please consider contacting me as well.  We need you and I promise we will all assist you in the effort to help the Cowboys.




Vicki Scudder




January 26, 2017


Dear Livermore High School Families:


This week marks the half-way point in the 2016-2017 academic year. It has been an exciting year so far and I know the months ahead will be action-packed!


Our Expo is right around the corner, and promises to equal or surpass last year’s event.  Ms. Mohamed and her support “crew” have been busy providing a venue showcasing the “best” LHS has to offer in curricular, extra-curricular and “special” programs. Please remember that this mega-event is not only for our incoming freshmen and their parents but also for our current students and their families. If your child is interested in AP classes, electives and/or ROP opportunities –in the case of juniors and seniors-- then this is definitely a one-stop shop for you.  Please check out our website regarding this February 22nd “happening”. You will not be disappointed.


This is definitely the time of year that the LHS staff looks at our course of study, adding new classes as warranted and developing our master schedule. I am always impressed with the outreach to our feeder/middle schools on the part of our counselors, teachers and administrators during February and March.  Their visits to East Avenue, Junction and Christensen always support incoming students and parents in their introduction to “the high school experience”.  Middle school students and teachers are provided with opportunities to “shadow” high school students, and band and orchestra students have enjoyed combined musical performances with our LHS musicians. I encourage you to speak to parents new to Livermore High School honestly about our school.  Encourage them to read our website and contact me and my co-administrators if they have questions.  Communication and knowledge make all the difference!


Highlights of the last few weeks have been our ELAC Financial Aid Workshop and the African American Scholar’s Project, the latter hosted at LHS for district college-bound students. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to host joint school events with Granada High School. Both of us offer comprehensive programs with our own individual unique offerings. It is a good feeling to work and learn from one another for the good of our students.


You will see our first “banners” on our fence and in the front of our school, heralding the 125th Anniversary Celebration.  I do not mean to inundate you with information, but I hope you are excited about this amazing tradition of excellence.  Please take time to visit our photo archive and get in the spirit of joy that accompanies our great history.  Remember that the event on May 20th is open to all of you, past and current “Cowboys”. I know you will enjoy the event and displays.  Please save the date and plan to join us.


After struggling with an outdated display to publicize our important events here at Livermore High School, the district has “gifted” us with a brand new marquee. A shout out is in order to our Superintendent, our facilities department, and Monica Baucke, our PTSA President, for their joint efforts in securing this much-needed communication link with all of you.  The installation is pending and some tree-trimming and readjustment of the supports will make this a somewhat complicated endeavor.  Staff training in the use of the new software follows.  Stay tuned and watch the corner of Maple and East for developments.


Thanks for your continued support.


Vicki Scudder





November 21, 2016


Dear Parents:


We have just finished our last day of final exams, made a little bit easier with the traditional visit of the “Therapy Dogs”, courtesy of a local agency, “Canine Comfort”.  It was definitely a mutually enjoyable experience for our students and our canine visitors!


Students, parents and staff are eagerly gearing up for the Thanksgiving break and anticipating the start of the second trimester on November 28th. The past trimester has been a busy one, with a great combination of academic, social and sports highlights. While it is impossible for my letter to summarize the various venues, I can tell you that Livermore Pride is evident in our classroom, quad, hallways and playing field. Our band’s presence at our games, and their support at the stellar “win” against GHS, the dedication and sportsmanship of our football, water polo, volleyball and golf teams, the recent success of our “Cyber Patriots” and the talent of our choral and drama students all make up the undefinable “cowboy spirit” here at Livermore High School.


During the recent homeroom period marking the passing out of student schedules for the new trimester, we asked our students to complete a brief survey. Topics of campus safety, bullying, avenues of communication and other issues of interest to all of us were covered.  The goal was to simply listen to the voices and opinions of our students with the intent to make LHS the best that it can be.  Over 1300 surveys (taken on student phones) were received “on the spot”, and we are in the process of inputting the results of another 200 surveys taken “by hand”. We hope to have this data available on our website after we return from our break. Thanks to Vice Principal Erik Taylor for lending his technical expertise to the survey and the online responses. He definitely made a difficult process “user-friendly”. We will also have a companion survey available online for parent input on the same topics. As always, our goal is to communicate to our community and to actively solicit their input.  We truly appreciate all you do as parents to support us and your children. You make the difference!


Thanks to the efforts of the Alumnae Association and Vice Principal Tom Fletcher, the planning for the 125th Anniversary Celebration is in full swing. Perhaps the most relevant information for all of you is that, after much research by a local historian, the Class of 2017 is certifiably the 125th class to graduate from Livermore High School.  There was a question about the accuracy, given the small class sizes of LHS in the 1890s and the tendency to combine graduations due to small class sizes.  In any event, the “big deal” for us is that we can officially announce this at the graduation, and incorporate that information into our celebrations.  Stay tuned for notifications on this site from Mr. Fletcher regarding historic data and updates on our plans.  We will soon have information on commemorative bricks to grace the front walk!


Ms. Mohammed, is hard at work on the creation of our new course catalog.  We are excited to continue to refine our course offerings and add some exciting new courses for the 2017-2018 academic year. Additions currently under consideration include: AP Human Geography, Conceptual Chemistry, Concert Band and Digital Electronics to name only a few.


I would be remiss if I did not mention that in the days following our recent election, many of our teachers provided classroom time for students, with guidance from their teachers, to discuss the results and express their views. In what I can best describe as a heightened sense of vigilance, we were keenly aware of some inappropriate comments made by a very small number of our student body.  High school students are learning to voice their opinions in constructive, non-offensive ways, but in our “microcosm” of society at LHS, we experience conflicting and sometimes inappropriately expressed opinions.  I’m not a fan of sugar-coating or magnifying issues, but the e-mail I sent home to all families tread lightly—perhaps too lightly-- on the placement of a racially charged and highly offensive flyer posted by a student.  The issue was dealt with severely and our decisions were based on issues of moral integrity and adherence to the education code. All of us here at LHS take our responsibility for safety and equity seriously. I know that your daily reinforcement of basic core values supports all of us in this home to school effort.  It truly does “take a village”.


Best wishes from the administrative team, faculty and staff for a restful Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Thank you for your continued support.


Vicki Scudder




October 24, 2016


Dear Parents:


Homecoming floats, the bonfire, homecoming queen and king selections, new field turf and the 100th Anniversary of  LHS versus Amador game…all indicators that fall is truly in the air.  This year’s homecoming events and our outstanding win against Amador High School (Go Cowboys!) all combined to make 2016’s Homecoming week a stellar one for Livermore High School! Special recognition is in order to our amazing students for their voting/generous donation of over $1,700 to four local charities. The crowning of our Homecoming Queen, Madison Cross, by Julia Matthews, Homecoming Queen from the Class of 2016 and 99 year-old Edna Chance, an LHS graduate Class of 1935, lent a special celebratory feeling to the evening. Congratulations are also in order to our Homecoming King, Eric Marravilla and our Varsity team and Coach Partridge for a great game and win!


On the “home front”, the Livermore High School Administrative team and our teacher leaders have just completed the writing of the Site Single Plan for Student Achievement.  This blueprint guides the school for this school year in areas of academic performance, physical fitness, character education and attendance.  This year’s plan features release time for teachers to plan and adjust pacing guides, develop common assessments, and evaluate and enhance student writing. We will also continue to utilize a process called Instructional Rounds, releasing staff to observe the best teaching practices of their colleagues at this site and other schools in our district.  I know that frequent substitute teachers in our classrooms are sometimes questioned by parents.  In this case, these qualified substitutes are being utilized to enhance learning for your children.  I will attempt to provide you with frequent progress reports on our work in the areas outlined above.  I appreciate your understanding and support of this district-wide practice to constantly improve our instruction.

As you can see on our website, accolades are in order to former student, Bryan Shaw, a member of the Class of 2005, who is currently pitching in the World Series. This is exciting news for our students, past and present.  I am also pleased to announce that three outstanding young people will be honored this week by the Livermore Rotary.  They are Jared Hubert, Arumi Godinez and Riddhi Panchal.  These students were nominated by our teaching staff for their many contributions to LHS, in both academic and service venues. Congratulations to them and to their families!


I recently had the pleasure of touring members of the class of 1966 during a four-hour Sunday visit to their Alma Mater.  They were full of questions and enjoyed walking the grounds of LHS to see the updates to the facility.  Of course, they were also delighted in the tradition that has been maintained and the “historic” nature of the site. This class will participate in the planned donation of a free-standing metal sculpture, created by Jim Dolan, a member of their graduating class, in his studio in Bozeman, Montana. The life-sized sculpture will be installed on our campus upon completion. Our students will be involved in the process via input and video progress reports as the art work progresses. The LHS Alumnae Association is a real “presence” at Livermore High School.  I can never thank the classes and their representatives adequately for their continued support of our students and programs.  This group has purchased computers for classrooms and supported countless teacher requests. Their presence, vocal support of our school and their monetary contributions have helped us beyond measure. If you are a graduate of LHS, please consider joining the group and attending their meetings. They continue the “living history” of this wonderful institution and deserve our heartfelt thanks.


It seems unbelievable that we are already approaching the end of the first trimester.  We are gearing up for final exams on the 17th and 18th of November.  Soon the Thanksgiving holiday will be upon us. I would like to take this opportunity to extend best wishes to all of you as we enter the holiday season. I know this is a busy time for all of our families. Thank you for your continued support.


Vicki Scudder







September 19, 2016


Dear Parents:

At this writing, I have just returned from the Senior Picnic at The Ranch at Little Hills. The day began with a class picture, information on Senior Activities and a discussion of academic and behavioral expectations for the year. The Administration and Class Advisors spoke to the class and congratulated them on their progress toward the goal. It was a wonderful start of the year for all of us and especially for the Class of 2017. They are the best!


Looking forward to this month’s activities, there are several exciting events and updates to report. Of course, many of them are connected to our 125th Anniversary year. On September 23rd we will have an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 6:30pm, between our JV and Varsity games.  This ceremony is to celebrate our new Field Turf.  We have posted an invitation on our website and encourage you all to come and see our new turf with the Cowboy logo.  The turf took about four weeks to install, and the effect is striking. What can be better than a new Varsity Coach, an energized team, and a beautiful new playing field?  Our Superintendent, Board of Trustees, LHS families, friends and former coaches will all be present.  Please plan on attending the game and pre-game ceremonies.  Our drumline and band will be highlighted!


Our Homecoming game is on September 30th and the Homecoming Dance is on October 1st.  The dance is traditionally held in the “large gym”, a gym that is scheduled for replacement as part of the bond-funded renovation for multiple sites in our district.  I will share the schedule with you as soon as the work with the architects and contractor are completed.  Needless to say we are excited at the prospect of improvements to our school and are thankful to our high school families and the Livermore community at large. Realistically, the opening of the new facility should occur early in 2018.


Updates regarding our 125th anniversary will be provided on our web site and on the PTSA social media as well. I know that I will be touring several alumnae classes around campus in the months that follow.  I am looking forward to a visit from the Class of 1966 in early October. The Alumni Association is a huge supporter of this school and our students. I urge you to join this organization if you are an LHS graduate. The association and our PTSA and Booster organizations are all vital to the “life” of our school community. Our PTSA, it should be noted, is in the midst of their annual membership drive.  Please consider joining this group and attending their monthly meetings.  They are always highly informative, and usually feature “guest presenters” regarding our school and related programs. We are always thankful for their on-going support and want to give a special “shout-out” to President Monica Baucke and her efforts to secure a much-needed marquee to replace our current outdated model.  Watch both our website and PTSA’s Facebook page for proposed marquee designs and the results of our student vote for the winning graphics.


A final reminder—the LVEF-sponsored “Walk for Education” will occur next Saturday, September 24th at LHS from 9:00am to 12:00pm. I urge you to go to the registration link at indicated on our website. Your five dollar per person donation includes the walk, festival, sunglasses for students and tote bags for parents.  The donation is tax deductible and goes immediately back to the schools in our district.  The school with the most walkers registered will receive a $500 donation to our students.  I look forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget to stop by our LHS PTSA table.


Vicki Scudder, Principal



August 22, 2016


Dear Parents:


Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!  The summer has flown by and immediately after Summer School was over, the work on getting our site ready for August 22nd began.  Our custodial crew has cleaned the building inside and out, and the installation of the new Field Truf is almost completed. Thanks to the generous support of the Livermore Community, the recently passed bond measure will provide LHS with a brand new gymnasium and classroom and technology upgrades. We are currently in the process of a district installation of a teleconferencing/distance learning network in our career center—the first of a series of innovations.


 I know many of you have already met our new Varsity Football Coach, Ryan Partridge, and supported our band camp under the direction of our new Band Director, Justin Enright.  Both of them have worked tirelessly over the summer building programs that will enrich the lives or our students. Additionally we have hired some wonderful new staff members to support our academic and elective program. We will provide you with information and pictures on the website soon.


I count myself lucky to have the support of a wonderful faculty, Counseling Department and office and custodial staff who all do their individual part to make Livermore High School an exemplary institution of learning.  Our “LHS Village” has worked tirelessly to provide service at all levels to support your children. This year is the 125th anniversary year of LHS. We will, of course, have a year full of mini celebrations and publicity. While our traditions of character, integrity and academic excellence remain constant, our programs and faculty are definitely preparing our students for the 21st century and beyond!


If you are new to our school, we welcome you.  Please take advantage of our parent organizations to connect with our parents to get additional insight and first-hand information about our school.  We appreciate our PTSA and Booster organizations. Without them we could not “deliver” a full and comprehensive program to our students.  If you are a returning parent—thank you for your continued support. It feels like we just “sent off” the class of 2016.  They were the best, and it was very hard for me personally to see them leave. I have confidence, however, that they left us well prepared for the world of work, military service or higher education. If you visit our office, be sure to check out the amazing photographs of our graduates.


The next few weeks will be full of an influx of information from our faculty about curriculum, class requirements and protocols.  I know it may be a trifle overwhelming, but your children have the information flow well in hand.  Please be patient with us as we work to adjust class sizes.  Honestly, this year’s schedule is very “student friendly” thanks to the Vice Principals under the direction of Mrs. Mohammed. 

I encourage all of you to attend our Back-to-School Night on September 7th. Information is posted on our website. Even if this is not your first child through LHS, it is always good to meet the teachers and listen to their plans for the year.  We will have food trucks available for a variety of “dinner specials”.  Come join our families for food, conversations and program information.  I hope to see you there!


My best wishes for a great year to all of you!




Vicki Scudder









July 28, 2016


Dear Parents:


We are nearing the end of the July “break” and many of us are already back at school informally, preparing for what we know will be another great year for Livermore High School.  Now that summer school has concluded, our custodial staff is hard at work doing the maintenance and cleaning required to start school in less than a month. The district has even dispatched an “official” gum removal team to freshen up the “quad” and public areas—a much appreciated plus to our summer cleaning.


Without my redundant listing of important dates, please consult our website links for our Walk-Through dates for all grade levels. Remember that InfoSnap information must be complete before you attend this event.  On behalf of our office staff and administrative team—a few “gentle” reminders:


  • Please remember to return all textbooks and library materials before Walk- Through. There are currently over 300 texts “outstanding”—the equivalent of thousands of dollars of materials belonging to LHS.  In spite of numerous reminders and letters home, students sometimes arrive to pick up their schedules without the overdue books or textbooks.  Please understand that your schedule may be delayed due to this issue.  Our office is officially open August 4th, and we will definitely take these materials for our librarian to process.


  • Prior to serious clothes shopping for school, I encourage you to read the school/district dress code policy carefully (located in the Student Handbook, pgs. 17 & 18 on our school website under the Parents and Resources tab), with particular attention to the length of shorts and appropriate tops for males and females. Thank you in advance for your support.


  • The individual photos taken during Walk-Through are used in the yearbook and appear on all official transcripts and related documents.  Many students and parents were unaware of this, and consequently students come to school in attire that is inappropriate and not dress code consistent. Hopefully this “alert” will help.


  • The only opportunity to pick up student schedules is at Walk-Through, Make-up Walk-Through or on the first day of school. Only students may pick up their schedules, and they must have their 2016-17 ID card “in hand”. Parents are welcome to attend, but it is not mandatory. Please make every effort to pick up your schedule on the assigned day and time.  The first day of school is not the preferred option.  We want all our cowboys to be in class and on time, not waiting in long lines for schedule pick-up.


I will definitely send out a more comprehensive message in mid-August, however I am pleased to report that our amazing VP’s have been hard at work on our schedule with very few “glitches” in the process. We now have Mr. Erik Taylor as our “new” VP, replacing Dayna Taylor, who has moved on as the Principal of Junction Avenue K-8.  We are so excited for her and wish her all the best. Mr. Taylor is well known to our former CMS students, having served as a Vice Principal at Christensen for the last several years.  Additionally, we are welcoming fourteen new staff members to our LHS faculty roster.  Stay tuned for their photos and biographies on our website!


Enjoy these last days of summer. I look forward to seeing you all on August 15 – 17.


Vicki Scudder